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January 29, 2013


January is still my least favorite month. It’s a repetition of wet, bleak and cold, no matter what coast you are on. So, hooray for close friends and silly adventures, the excitement of Groundhog Day, the upcoming Grammys parties…oh, and the Queen Diva of New Orleans bounce to get me through it.

This week literally felt like a perpetual 3 pm that would suddenly turn into an eternal 3 am. But I was thrilled to be able to be a part of the Barbary staff field trip again this year, which involved party hopping from JHN RDN’s Fishtown Mansion, into an RV party train around the city and eventually at Atlantis. These guys are one wild bunch. The highlight of the week was the long awaited performance by Big Freedia. I hadn’t seen Freedia in nearly a year since her last show at CYP2 in Los Angeles, and finally, Philly was eager and ready for a night of bounce and it had arrived. The amount of ass shaking at this party is unbelievable and amazing all at the same time. Emynd, from Crossfaded Bacon, guested alongside the Dutty Chutney boys and after three hours of “backing it up,” I ventured out of the packed venue into the 12 degrees outside. Cold = No fun. But at least I’ve realized, even in the coldest temperatures during the most drawn out dismal month, there’s literally, never a dull moment.


January 23, 2013


Although last night I dreamt I stole a croissant, one of my dreams has always been to be so heavily snowed in that you need to bust out the snowmobile to be able to cruise around the city. We’re just now hitting the winter chill at the end of January, but still no major snowfall to help make this dream come true. Instead, I live vicariously through the photographs my Nana sends of her driveway, which is barely discernible beneath the canvas of white snow. While I sit and wait for the city to have a full-fledged winter, I’ll remain on my typical adventures of party hopping, pickle comparison (a gherkin is not a “big” pickle), ignoring the fact that cat fur will perpetually be a part of my world, and photographing the magic of the day and nightlife.

This week the cold didn’t put much of a damper on any adventures. I had a long overdue lunch with JHN RDN at Philly’s infamous Honeys, DJd Bike night, caught up on old school Jack Nicholson films and hit up Leather’s launch at Barbarella for a mix of dark metal and EDM. From there, my weekend was set off with a full energy charge from Sammy Slice’s new event, Magic Magic. I felt like the entire party was electrified from the onset. Sometimes a party with endless dancing is just what dreams are made of. So until my dreams of a snowmobile party can occur, I’ll just keep on dancing…and eating these darn gherkin pickles.

December 30, 2012


philly rain

Here’s a flashback to some of my highlights from 2012 all from the POV of my Instagram: pivotal moments, memories and travels.
From LA nights at our infamous party with IHC, Check Yo Ponytail with Skrillex, Danny Brown, Brooke Candy and Grimes, to NYC with Jayson Musson, CMJ, the Standard and ACE Hotels, a summer and winter in the city of murals aka Philadelphia, the launch of Bike Night and New Radio, a year of FYLF and Aerosol, photoshoots with Audrey Kitching, Little Boots, Friends, Warpaint & the legendary BP Fallon, hanging with Tavi for the Rookie Mag Road Trip, surviving Carbon Monoxide poisoning, the Bridgewater Triangle, Mad Decent Rumspringa, the revival of grunge, Balam Acab, animal prints, high fives, An Albatross, flash floods, the desert, blizzards, heat waves, hurricanes, pools, rooftops, cheese steaks, crowd surfing and learning french. all in the epic…#2012

December 11, 2012

pinwheel glassesROAMING WITH REW

Being e x h a u s t e d  and under the weather equals me hiding under covers for about 24 hours and scouring the endless void of Netflix, in which case this week I was able to rediscover : GARFIELD. This was amazing. Although I was a bit upset about missing two back to back Simian Mobile Disco shows, I did get to see The Faint post show in Philly and catch up with Sweet Pea on his Eve 6 tour and learn a few lessons from the animated fat cat. And then on my night out, I ended up roaming around with Rew.

For some reason it’s December, but Philly is misty and feels like an Irish Spring commercial. If only it smelled like one too. But regardless, even on a quiet misty mountain type of night, there’s still fun to be had. Mid street photo shoots, video games, dancing, building totem poles, wearing ridiculous glasses (in the club), and photo bombing…my own photos. Just a typical Monday post 24 hours in bed. No big deal. Next up: DJing metal for Thunderfuck in Philly and Electric Feel both at The Barbary this week. Stay tuned for more roaming radical adventures.

November 11, 2012


Chicks have been back to dominating the music scene for a what feels like at least a couple years now. Regardless, it’s been a long time coming and it’s not fading away any time soon. Earlier this year, when Grimes broke through and set an example for the transition and direction of music, she opened the gates for a flood of bad ass princesses of rap, pop, dance and art aesthetic all around. So now that the gates are open, let me shine the spotlight on some of my favorites. Kitty Pryde, Brooke Candy, TokiMonsta, Lil Debbie and Cupcakes are at the top of my list. And yeah, I know, surprising for someone who bathes in the world of rock, grunge and punk. But this hard candy pink ass rap cutesy kitty sound is amazing. How can you not like it?

At one of our most recent Check Yo’ Ponytail events in Los Angeles we had a packed line up featuring a handfull of these gals. Kitty Pryde and Lil Debbie shared the stage with the likes of Riff Raff and Fat Tony and and stole the spotlight. Plus, when you’ve got Grimes and Brooke Candy roaming around, you’re pretty much in the presence of musical deliciousness to say the least. After this line-up I had to delve into what Candy was all about, and fuck, it was awesome. I know there’s Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks and all that, but something about Brooke Candy just kind of slaps you in the face and you’re still smiling at the end.


And then there’s other bits of sweetness like Cupcakes from the Brooklyn based Hank & Cupcakes. I had the pleasure of touring with them a couple years ago and witnessed the drool factor aroused from a bad ass bitch banging on drums and singing her heart out. From an east coast tour to SXSW and beyond, this duo continues to add the icing to your musical playlist. With songs like Pleasure Town and the amazing cover of Joy Division’s ‘She’s Lost Control’ . . . you’re left in awe at the end of a live show and desperately wanting more.

And yeah, I can handle more. It’s quite refreshing to see girls stepping outside the box and just putting it out there, and it’s pretty awesome that there’s finally some girls with legit talent doing so. You don’t need to candy coat something that’s already sweet. Just put it out there for everyone to sample. Everyone’s got a fever for the flavor, and fortunately there’s a good variety of tarts serving some up.

September 10, 2012



It’s been a year or so now with this 90s resurgence in both fashion and music…and I’m stoked. If you know me, I’m a damn 90s fanatic and it’s kind of fun to see the new take on the styles and trends of that decade. But is the early 2000 fashion flair about to return? I don’t know about this or how I feel about it. But what I do know is that Miley Cyrus and her different hair styles all have their own damn personal twitter accounts. And this little hot little blonde hair do, which is honestly, pretty bad ass, is now an up ‘do that is morphing Miley Cyrus into Pink. This is gonna be awesome.

March 12, 2012

I quite honestly lost count, but I’ve driven across the US damn near 15+ times at this point, and I still prefer it to flying. The open road beats the high sky in my book. Endless adventures, days of exploring, and a million different routes. But, the one I’ve taken the most is the long stretch across the south…the million miles of empty space that extends cross country right along the southern border. It’s pretty great until you hit Texas. And then there’s nothing. A few ghost towns. A couple of gas stations. A lot of dust and drought. It’s like crossing another continent and takes nearly as long as it did just to get to that state to begin with. And then, once you’re through, it’s a quick shot to the Golden State. But along the way, there’s essentials. In any long road trip, there’s a few things you need to keep it fun and, obviously, interesting. And I’m not talking about the ipod, camera, board game crap. I mean the weird shit that no one would think of. Or the bizarre item someone laughs at you for and then wishes they had one too.
After a few tours, you quickly begin to realize the little things you need, sort of a personal survival kit. I have a couple items in mind but my number one essential is a generic gallon of apple juice. Seriously. Here’s why. First of all, that shit tastes great even if you don’t have a cooler to chill it in. You ever drink apple juice straight off the shelf? Room temp apple juice may as well be warm cider aka, delicious. Plus, if it’s winter months, it’s gonna stay cold anyway even if it’s just sitting on the floor of the van. Apple juice isn’t going to curdle, go flat or sour and is a huge boost of Vitamin C. Finally, if you wake up with a hangover, that shit is like a secret cure all.
I asked a few of my good friends and fellow tour buddies what their essential tips and tidbits were for those long road trips. It’s good to know we all agree on hangover cures, semi-fresh, presentable attire and staying ‘comfortable.’

Kenan Bell and I have spent many a long tours together so as familiar as I am with what he has in his knapsack, I was still stoked to hear a couple of his other essentials: $$$, scent-proof trousers, a pen and paper as well as a few honorable mentions including a zebra print snuggie and an endless supply of mind altering substances i.e. caffeine, peanut butter and jelly, and cup o’ noodles with chili powder, all readily available from any of your fine freeway truck stops. Food Tour of America!

Eddie B. Gieda III from An Albatross has rocked his way across this country as well as a few others. So his words of wisdom come from some serious touring. At first, when he said a yoga mat, I laughed until realizing it was for those times of negotiating a few hours of sleep on a hard wood floor. Other necessities included a utilities pouch with stuff like a needle and thread and a flask for clubs that don’t offer hospitality or for “hair of the dog” remedies on long hung over van trips. Amen, my man.

And, the cutest response goes to Royal Doyle of Sun Airway. He is, himself, highly hug-worthy. So I find it adorable that Doyle likes to bring a big ass teddy bear for a tour buddy/pillow. Oh, and a sleep mask. Cuddles!

You always end up forgetting something for tours. That’s part of why I prefer driving…you just collect more random shit and add it to the pile. But with a personal “survival kit”, you hopefully will have everything to get you by, at least until Texas. So venture off to safe travels, but don’t forget your apple juice, flask, scent-free trousers & tag-along tour teddy to go.