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January 29, 2013


January is still my least favorite month. It’s a repetition of wet, bleak and cold, no matter what coast you are on. So, hooray for close friends and silly adventures, the excitement of Groundhog Day, the upcoming Grammys parties…oh, and the Queen Diva of New Orleans bounce to get me through it.

This week literally felt like a perpetual 3 pm that would suddenly turn into an eternal 3 am. But I was thrilled to be able to be a part of the Barbary staff field trip again this year, which involved party hopping from JHN RDN’s Fishtown Mansion, into an RV party train around the city and eventually at Atlantis. These guys are one wild bunch. The highlight of the week was the long awaited performance by Big Freedia. I hadn’t seen Freedia in nearly a year since her last show at CYP2 in Los Angeles, and finally, Philly was eager and ready for a night of bounce and it had arrived. The amount of ass shaking at this party is unbelievable and amazing all at the same time. Emynd, from Crossfaded Bacon, guested alongside the Dutty Chutney boys and after three hours of “backing it up,” I ventured out of the packed venue into the 12 degrees outside. Cold = No fun. But at least I’ve realized, even in the coldest temperatures during the most drawn out dismal month, there’s literally, never a dull moment.

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