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December 30, 2012


philly rain

Here’s a flashback to some of my highlights from 2012 all from the POV of my Instagram: pivotal moments, memories and travels.
From LA nights at our infamous party with IHC, Check Yo Ponytail with Skrillex, Danny Brown, Brooke Candy and Grimes, to NYC with Jayson Musson, CMJ, the Standard and ACE Hotels, a summer and winter in the city of murals aka Philadelphia, the launch of Bike Night and New Radio, a year of FYLF and Aerosol, photoshoots with Audrey Kitching, Little Boots, Friends, Warpaint & the legendary BP Fallon, hanging with Tavi for the Rookie Mag Road Trip, surviving Carbon Monoxide poisoning, the Bridgewater Triangle, Mad Decent Rumspringa, the revival of grunge, Balam Acab, animal prints, high fives, An Albatross, flash floods, the desert, blizzards, heat waves, hurricanes, pools, rooftops, cheese steaks, crowd surfing and learning french. all in the epic…#2012

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