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November 16, 2011


Let’s talk about ponies. I like ’em. They’re pretty cute. When I was six I flunked the spelling bee because I got so cocky once the tough word “brontosaurus” had been cleared. I thought I had that shit pegged. But then with my over zealousness, I failed on the word pony. As soon as I spit out “P-O-N-I-E”, I already knew I’d effed that one up. But ponies are still cute. And Pony Up is a solid band, those ‘lil Canadians. But now there’s this. And I know a ton of you are gonna love it. All it’s missing is rainbow colored tassles and flair. It’s the HORSEY. And it’s pretty dynamite.
I’m pretty content with my Raleigh bicycle complete with little basket. But seriously, how bad ass would it be to ride around on this little guy. At least for a day. Shit, you don’t even have to feed the sucker.

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