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March 11, 2011


I hate February, therefore I wrote nothing for that entire month. But now it’s March. It’s nearly springtime and things have started to pick up speed again. Yes, it’s SXSW season. But before I even launch myself into that onslaught of a party in the desert, I’ve dropped myself here back in sunny Los Angeles where I’m pretty sure I got a faint suntan from walking to the coffee shop. I’m back in LA for a bit, first doing an installation for The Standard Hollywood and then playing a Biker Daughter show at Franki Chan’s CYP2 with The Deathset and Ninjasonik. This is my third installation, and the fucked up thing is as a visual artist, when it comes to full on sculptures, painting, design, I never know what I’m really doing until I start doing it. Let’s just say I’ve spent the first half of today studying iconic robot images and getting way too immersed in robotic sciences. I also picked up a few books.
So Monday, I’ll be adorning the Standard with whatever my mind sees fit. And then the following night I’ll be hanging from the rafters in front of a Los Angeles crowd. And then the party really kicks into overdrive. . . and my skin’ll be bronzed by the end of the Austin blitz.
I’m not really sure what I’m getting myself into otherwise, maybe a few Hefeweizens. Perhaps a couple of burrito stands or taco trucks. Most definitely an evening with Fake Blood and the IAMSOUND family. Oh, and plenty of immersion in the Vitamin D. Now I find myself wondering how long it’ll be before they have a robot that also runs off solar energy. He could be soaking up some Vita-D too. Me and Robot D, cruising the scene. I’m pretty sure this dude exists. Time will tell.
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