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January 31, 2011


This thought crossed my mind this morning, when I woke up wishing it were a beach day, thinking that I was about to open my curtains to excruciating sunlight and an ocean view. I must have still been dreaming because there’s definitely still a foot of snow outside, albeit a hint of sunshine, and a predicted blizzard on Wednesday. Regardless, it’s also pretty much February which means it’s nearly spring which in turn means, it’s ALMOST SUMMER!
But for now, snow boots, moon boots, parkas, hats, scarves, more scarves, double jackets, four-layered shirt syndrome ensues. No biggie. My mind is clearly at least two months ahead of schedule, partly due to the fact that January is always spent planning for March/April and full on summer scheduling. So pardon me if I begin wearing bathing suits as my first layer of winter armor.
I’m bracing myself for the nonstop month ahead which I know will more or less erase February from the books anyway. It’ll be April and we’ll all say “wait, what the fuck happened to Feb and March!?” Pfft. That shit was snowed in which = one long hibernation evening. #netflix
In two weeks I start recording my next EP and the remix album should be coming out shortly for Biker Daughter. Today, MTV’s The Seven is featuring Biker Daughter as a part of DJ Kiss’s upcoming artists to watch (squeeee) which just had Kenan Bell and Hank & Cupcakes on within the last month. Mini-tours in February, SXSW in March, video shoots in March and then it’s nearly Coachella. Oh, and Coachella…I can’t believe I’m actually on the fence for this. So someone give me a good reason to go. Because I don’t know if I feel like wallowing in a mash-up of 2005 meets last years sxsw. #foodforthought
Here’s a song I like. They’re new to Brooklyn. They’re kind of hams. But the song makes me wanna jump off something or on to someone. Enough said.

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