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December 7, 2010


There are some things that are simple and some that are suppose to be and aren’t. Let’s talk about the stupid cardboard milk or creamer cartons that we could never open when we were 5 and in our mid twenties still can’t manage to crack. This happened at Rocket Cat today, while I was preparing my coffee and some dude next to me finished off the creamer and had to open a new container. I took my time putting the sweetener in my cup of Joe while he struggled with the creamer. Then there was nothing to do but watch. “I’ve almost got it, I just need a tool,” he says and then fishes around for a device to actually pry and poke the creamer open. Clearly, I start blatantly laughing at this point. Why can’t there just be a nice little spout?! Or a twist off cap like the cardboard orange juice boxes come with? I mean seriously, we’re sitting here 4 hands deep trying to rape this box of creamer just so we can prep our coffee. The best part is, once it’s open he literally throws a splash into his coffee and says, “Damn…all that work for just that.” I felt like I should have shaken the jug up and started spraying it around the cafe in celebration! Of course, then we would have had to spend another half hour opening a new box of creamer.

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