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October 6, 2010


So I’m suppose to be video documenting the week leading up to the first Biker Daughter show…rehearsals..planes, trains, no automobiles. Mishaps, parties, packing, luggage freakouts, vomiting, whatever. Well I should have started today when my tired ass went to Dunkin Donuts and my car ran out of gas in the middle of the drive-thru. You know, that spot where you can’t really get out of anyone’s way. And what’s worse than being shit out of luck-out of gas in the middle of a drive thru is it being in the coffee lane…and people really fiend for that shit.
So what’s one do? Oh, just laugh. And look at the dude in the car behind me who goes “You’re not serious. Did you run out of gas?” Errr….”Wanna push?!” Best part is, half way through he gets a phone call and says he’s helping a damsel in distress. I say I’ll get his coffee and donut. Then as I’m slowly coasting past the pick up window, the woman leans out with my small coffee and asks for $1.50. Am I dreaming here? Slow motion…drive thru…cool ass Wednesday morning.
So, I suppose these are the things I should be videotaping? But I haven’t started yet. Instead, here’s a promo video sent over this morning for the first upcoming show! Can’t even begin to say how stoked I am to play with both Big Black Delta & Pocket Rockets!

Biker Daughter + The Pocket Rockets + Big Black Delta.

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