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December 8, 2009


If there were ever a reason for me to move to NY, other than the fact that I already spend a good bit of time there and half my best friends live in BK…’d be because of this video. Or maybe I need to launch a little private dance warehouse party. Nice job, Chromeo! This video is classic and I don’t know many people who wouldn’t be down for this night by night.


In other bits…tonight and every Tuesdays should also be official dinner party night. You can watch Dinner with the Band while having a din-din party. Maybe even a food fight to cap it off. I’ve already started with my meatball a la carte. A meatier meteor meatball…and Pickles isn’t having it. Pickles aka Meatwad. And what if there were pickled meat. Is that nasty? Would that be delicious? What if you could buy pickled meatballs…is that gourmet or ghetto? I’m sure someone out there knows some little secret about the pickled meatball special on some lovely menu at a hidden gem restaurant. Private dance parties. Pickled meatballs. And hidden gems. Now that’s a plot line.

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