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November 4, 2009


So I had a dream about aliens last night, so naturally it’s all I can think about first thing when I wake up and for about the first couple hours of my morning. Now, keeping in mind I have yet to have my coffee, I am just gonna throw it out there. My sleepy little head came to the concept that aliens are simply a futuristic human. Am I moving from robots to aliens? I’m talking light years ahead, metamorphasized and shit. Or maybe not. But that was what I woke up thinking. Then I also thought, how could people not think they existed. Um, hello UFO conference and ancient Mayans. And not to mention, if we still don’t even understand or aren’t even aware of over half of what is in our ocean alone, how will we ever fully grasp what is in the galaxy or space when it’s a million times larger than our little bodies of water. Maybe aliens are gooey robots? But…I guess all in all, robots and aliens sort of go hand in hand. At least in this little 48hour movie…haha. It’s so ridiculous I have to watch it again. “Robot, quit fooling around!”

On another note, I’m ready for my coffee. And I’m all over Lisa Loeb’s Stay and The Knack’s My Sharona. Hello Best Buy…cuz I’m about to pick me up some Reality Bites or A Life Less Ordinary. Someone send over some UFO photos…maybe throw in a little Lochness too.

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