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November 3, 2009


Let’s be random. Here are some things I am entertained or amused by: the sounds of a jingle ball, kitty feet creaking in a wicker basket, the smell of winter, rain and snow (yes, they have scents), cotton balls, blue walls that look green, pets in windows, mismatched socks, tin robots, falling down, text written on dirty cars, insect antics, honest street folk signage (‘why lie, i need a beer’), finger puppets, goofy glasses, food fights, silly putty, kool-aid mustaches, clouds, riot rock and oh…free tattoos. Free anything is pretty awesome. I mean, even if the shoe doesn’t fit you know we’ll wear it.
But in the terms of tattoo-ville and hoo-ville…little ellei loo hoo is getting a tattoo new.
Tomorrow I get another tattoo…and this is exciting for many reasons, one of which being I won the tattoo over a game of pool. Hustlin! Ya put the ball in the corner pocket and you turn yourself around…ok so NEXT.
In addition to that, I decided to give away a few freebies of my own. So…for the rest of this week, if you purchase any tees in the shadowscene shop, you get one of our limited edition posters for free! Kind of a great opportunity…get some gifts or just stock up on botwear and stuff.
Maybe you can put on some goofy glasses and mismatched socks, chug some kool-aid, cause a food fight and run around tagging cars with a finger puppet. Just saying, some things have yet to be done.
P.S. Los Angeles next week!

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