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November 4, 2013

ellei johndroALL THE NEWNESS

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally about to launch and unveil the new Shadowscene website! That also means, all the weird little bits we blog about won’t he housed here anymore…you can find the new posts and stay in the loop on our new site: be sure to bookmark the new Travel Bits blog!

Its been a year long, tedious and daunting process and there’s still so many little pieces to sort through. But the overall new vibe and aesthetic of Shadowscene is here and I couldn’t be more excited!! Along with the new site will be a new merch line, new collection of buttons and we’ll be having a Botwear clearance soon so stay tuned for all of that as well!

Onward to more newness!



April 6, 2013


i really wanted to piece this together sooner, but in lieu of not being able to attend this afternoon’s remembrance services for my close friend steve brodsky, I took the time today to gather these photos from past years of Mr. Roboto x Shadowscene adventures for friends and family. I had the honor of not only having a wonderful friendship with Steve, but also the privilege of being able to work together in the music industry for several years. This collection of photos is full of fond memories, laughter, accomplishments and things that Steve would have happily recalled. Please enjoy and feel free to share. ♥

7/23/78 – 3/22/13 RIP.

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March 15, 2013


It’s a pretty well known fact, that if you find me at an after party sometime between the hours of 3-5am, I’ll probably be running around the house playing with all of the cats. And if you don’t have cats, I’ll be playing your instruments or snacking on your food. But when it’s an after party for the one year anniversary of Philly’s Guitar Army, there’s all of the above happening, as well as couches being thrown into fires. And that’s how my month kicked off; by raging to some serious rock n’ roll with one legit wild bunch until the sun came up and I was for whatever reason attempting to teach a cat to play a piano. Not only was the party more like going to a concert, I’m pretty sure everyone in attendance spent about three days recovering.

I then pulled a 360 and was photographing a skate punk/ska revival party. So many horns. I’ve never been one to ska or even get into the horn dancing checkered shirt thing, but I was surrounded by the happiest crowd of skankers so couldn’t resist watching. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s so consuming or if it’s because they just never stop jumping around, but the sheer energy of Pick It Up kept me on my feet the entire night and carried me over to Transmission. Ian St Laurent came out to guest this night and who’d have thought he had such an extensive goth background. Of course nothing better balances out my week than bookending it with the weekly Tigerbeats. Rock to Ska to Dark Wave to Indie dance parties….I think I’m still recovering from the past couple of weeks, and can honestly say I’m glad I’m not trekking to Austin right now for SXSW. It’s sadly the first time in 7 years I’ve missed out on the mayhem in Texas, but with everything that’s a part of my weekly routine on top of what’s gearing up to launch, I’d say throwing couches into fires and crowd surfing with disco balls has got me balanced out for the month so far.

February 27, 2013


This morning I woke up with a cookie in my pocket…crumbs in my jacket and was at a loss for where I left my 3am chicken finger leftovers. My cat spends all day licking a stuffed fuzzy banana like it’s her pet. And the radio only plays static noise or classic music with horns. These are my mornings. Finding (or losing) leftovers from the night before and trying to piece together all of the bits of information via crumbs aka clues. My nights are similar yet on an amplified level with additives such as dancing, various meanderings and better music. Between the monthly metal night, Thunderfuck, the EDM eccentricity of Leather and my return to Tigerbeats, the best indie party to boot, my week was wild nights and whacky mornings. I didn’t necessarily get my fix of DJing my favorite metal songs this month but rather hosted and photographed the slew of bands we had perform which has ended up bringing Thunderfuck to the next level. Literally, our next installment will be a double decker event not to mention the yet to be announced mini festival this summer. Dreams can come true!

I also made my return to the weekly mayhem of Tigerbeats. As some of you know I helped launch this Monday party over three years ago in Philly. After nearly a year hiatus, I am back to my regularly scheduled program: photographing the debauchery of this indie dance rager every week. So I’ll be seeing a lot more of you on the dance floor and I couldn’t be happier! It’s kind of crazy to look back on the first two years of photos . . . it’s like a time capsule of iconic moments. So, I truly look forward to adding to this little scrapbook of foggy memories.

I think I need lots of hot water and lemon as a boost for mental clarity and hydration since I seem to be surviving on double sized expressos. Now it’s onward to the High Five video shoot, some glitter in the air and a long nap in preparations for tomorrow’s One Year Anniversary of Guitar Army. Plus, the new Shadowscene tee-shirt collection is about to debut on top of our spring time mix just in time for the changing seasons. Everything’s coming up roses….with a wonderful side of peanut butter cookie crumbs.

February 22, 2013

This week I rode the roller coaster of fun, basking in every genre of music, funneling Hershey kisses and frosted cupcakes while lunching on burritos and basking in hot sauce. Kicking off the week with Gal’entines was a pretty solid start. Four of Philly’s top girl DJs all grouped together to host the sweetest badass party for anyone and everyone. Suga Shay, Gun$ Garcia, Yolo Ono and K|Rex pulled off a solid night with a champagne fountain filled with spiked punch, shots of cake vodka in heart shaped glasses, balloon overload, candy galore, sex toy giveaways and the Harlem Shake. It was like old school Mad Mondays took a dip into Awesometown.

Post sugar and spice overload, my week continued with Electric Feel and then DJ Sylo and Sammy Slice for their second installment of MagicMagic where nothing short of epic dance and party anthems were in the air. Other fun escapades included UMO’s sold out show for CYP2 in Los Angeles which was full of shenanigans, new tattoos, drinking one too many Mad Elf’s and finally adding the original ’94 pressing of Hole’s “Live Through This” to my vinyl collection. Hearts everywhere and skirts lifted high, the week was on maximum volume for nothing but fun times. It may as well have been girls gone wild…but in a glittery booty anthem sort of way. Next up, motorcycle rides and tall tales of the long lost tigers.

February 15, 2013


This week has been full of nothing but pure excitement. Although I sadly missed out on being at The Grammys this year, I did get to cheers my pals on from afar and watch Skrillex take home a few more awards while spending my weekend hitting up triple-decker parties. SAFARI happens only a couple times a year and this time it was mashed up with Transmission, Tigerbeats and Blow Up A Go-Go, and although there was a Nor’easter sweeping across the east coast, the venue was at capacity by 10 pm.You’d think people would want to hibernate at home; but with the essence of spring on the horizon just the thought of dancing around with your best buds is enough to get you out of your hut. So I danced, bounced around and was gifted with my favorite Twiggy and Sharon Tate posters from the Blow Up crew.

This weekend also welcomed back a reunion of the long lived TVI (Turnaround vs. Immediate) party in Philadelphia. Frontman, EBGIII from An Albatross teamed up with Gregg Foreman of Cat Power plus Rusty Seger and Ian St Laurent formulate the men behind the decks of the raw funk, psych and soul power of this party. Walking into Ruba felt like walking onto the set of a 60′s dance TV show. Absolutely no complaints. And after having a week of 6 am nights and overcast days, the sun has crawled out and that means I’m going to crawl out of this hobbit hole as well. It’s pretty exciting to know that spring time has almost sprung!

February 5, 2013


I don’t even know where to begin with revisiting my week’s activities and festivities. I started off avoiding the down pouring rain with a mexican fiesta at Cantina complete with margaritas, tacos and four local DJs. The best is, I’m talking pitchers of margaritas (mango flavored for me) and huge baskets of tortillas and salsa dips. Next, I scored two necessary records for my metal vinyl collection, made some new Shadowscene buttons for a scavenger hunt, tried to find a comedy show and ended up wandering all over Philly in the late night mist, encountered too much bubble gum and dum dums on top of smothered Barbie dolls at New Radio, listened to Fntsy Pnthr’s new demo, oh…and burned my kitchen down. Yes.

I definitely have learned first hand that smoke and fire are no joke. By the time I had mentally processed that I had yet to put anything in my oven so I was no way burning anything, the entire house was flooded with smoke and I was on the floor. The comical part about this, was right before my stove decided to combust, I had just finished watching The Office episode about fire safety. Ironic. Needless to say, the fire was put out but the smoke had taken over nearly all of my apartment so I’ve spent the last few days sleeping with all windows open even though its 23 degrees outside and waking up feeling like I’m climbing out of a chimney. Pickles, the Shadowscene cat, is a bit peeved and I definitely didn’t get to make those snacks for the Superbowl. But, after a couple of days it’s really refreshing to know how minimal the damage was considering how much worse it could have been in a matter of seconds. Plus, the smells and arctic temperatures sort of make me feel like I’m living in a log cabin. So that’s pretty nice. Oh, fire, fire, sis boom blah.